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Surpassing Gucci and Louis Vuitton

By :Rony Saintval 0 comments
Surpassing Gucci and Louis Vuitton

Majesty 22 and First Empress Surpassing Gucci and Louis Vuitton with Inspiring Fashion

Do you consider yourself to be a modern trendsetter who still admires traditional style and grace with a twist of class?

Are you tired of being uninspired by the many boutiques and local stores and Instagram feeds? In a world where it
seems impossible to find high-quality fashion that’s designed with purpose, we introduce: Majesty22.

A vivacious brand that is surpassing its competition in areas of style, customer service, inclusivity, and much more.
Getting ready for a night whether both in town or out of town, or in the mood to level-up your wardrobe?

We got you and can provide the outfits you need to not only turn heads— but break necks. If you’re reading this, it’s because
you’re seeking a full fashion experience and Majesty 22 definitely provides this with our uplifting partnerships and
styling opportunities.

This exposition, will highlight our:

Couture Fashion Selection: Looking for an all-inclusive fashion shop? Come see what we have to offer and how we inspire styling at

Contact us at Anytime: Here when we say contact us at any time, we actually mean it. We are always present and ready to deliver an excellent service by going far beyond customer’s expectation and satisfaction.

Those Criteria are what set us apart from Gucci or Louis Vuitton because they have closing hours, but we don't sleep in NYC, a city that never sleeps. Furthermore, we will start a white glove service to deliver to Customers’ doorsteps in the near future, and stay tuned and connected to us via all social media platforms to not miss out when the news will break for such aforementioned service.

Anyone can reach out to us anytime for styling consultations and fit advice via anyone of these platforms.

Facebook: Inbox us at
Majesty22 Apparel, DM us on IG at majesty22_ or contact the stylist directly at 857-334-5228

Stylist’s Credentials

DSW Shoe mannequin stylist
Marshalls Display Organizer
Menswearhouse wardrobe consultant

Purpose and Partnership: See what people are saying about a magical brand whose sole purpose is to uplift communities worldwide. Go to our website at and click the tab to the left scroll
down to the testimony section to view more.

● Incentives: Do you want to be a part of the fun movement too? If you too want to get in on the fun and be a
brand ambassador for our company, learn more by simply going all the way to the bottom of our page, and see where the link says ambassadors, click to join the program and how to score special discounts. We offer 10 % commission on every item help sold.

Couture Fashion Selection:

Majesty 22 offers impressive womenswear, custom menswear, and exclusive accessories. Our shop designs custom
apparel for both men in the form of blazers, and women with couture dresses. Periodically, we drop limited edition
hats, leggings, and baby clothing. Also, we offer a wide range of sizes, because we know all trendsetters—whether
curvy or slim, love a good slay.

Customer Convenience

We design all of our fashion with our customers in mind and rely heavily on the feedback they provide. Our customers
can easily contact us for styling consultations and custom designs via phone, email, or live chat directly from our

Purpose and Partnership:

Inspiring people to feel good about the skin they’re in and creating a safe space for all bodies is our purpose.

You may be wondering, “Okay... that sounds nice, but how do you accomplish this?”
1. We have worked with a lot of plus size black models see IG at majesty22_
2. Our fashion show theme debuted in Oct 2019 ‘End to Domestic Violence’
3. Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment advocacy

We have participated in several Charity fashion shows in both New York City and Boston where our models are representations of real people in real bodies. Men and women who’ve interacted with our brand exclaim how, “grounded and included” we make them feel. We dedicate our time and resources to bettering the community through outreach and volunteer works.

Lastly, don’t miss out on our continuous free shipping offer and regularly run promotions. We currently have a special
deal in store for you here:

Here are some other social platforms and stores where we sell our products on Pinterest at Majesty & First Empress 

First Empress and Youtube by typing Majesty 22 Style, Power, and Grace
Also type Local Fashion Show in Somerville in the search box.

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