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Company Profile

Company Profile

Majesty 22 & First Empress

Fashion Production


About us: Majesty 22 is an exclusive fashion brand created to integrate a theme of monarchy into mainstream of fashion. We aspire to cater for middle class fashion enthusiasts.


To distinguish Majesty 22 from the other brands; the founder  by the name of Rony Saintval prides himself in creating vast series of exquisite and unique designs to meet high quality demands from custom to retail shoppers.


The goal is to explore the international market in most European cities where fashion is relevant. Our expertise and analysis of durable fabrics for the specific designs set Majesty 22 apart from other clothing companies.


History: Majesty 22 was founded in Miami, Florida around 2010. Then, the brand expanded to Boston, Massachusetts. Majesty 22 clothing swiftly rose to prominence with a reputation for exceptional quality in custom couture while being there. Furthermore, the brand evolved into a major online store at, where most of our business is being conducted. 


Its trademark, novel design, and concept promote the following styles: Gentlemen, Rogue, Old Hollywood, Preppy, Goth and Business Casual. Furthermore, Majesty 22 has extended the line to design a womenswear line by diversifying into the women’s market. First Empress features Summer dresses, Leather Jackets, Roselle tops, and High-waist Set.


Vision: The affiliates of Majesty 22 anticipate to market the brand according to each continent and cultures. While being at an early stage, Majesty 22 targets the market of young adults who are 10 through 30 years old.


Then, the expectation is to begin designing items based on customers' requests in approximately. We will also compose fragrances in the near future as well as formal wears. Lastly, both Majesty 22 and First Empress will have features of different shoes to complement each of the aforementioned styles. 


Purpose & Principle: Our mission is to provide excellent satisfaction to the fashion world. The expectation is to satisfy most customers in ways that are effective and proficient.


Last, but not least; we will strive to produce the best quality of designs for many years to come. As a timeless fashion brand, this prestigious standard will remain engraved in this profile to serve as a memorandum.


 Qs and As


Why did Ron choose Majesty 22 as a name for the clothing line?

I was 22 years of age when I was inspired to begin the clothing line.

What does First Empress symbolize?

I wanted every woman to feel as they are thought of as the very first and as an Empress.
Ron Val 

3400 Snyder Ave, Suite 7
Brooklyn, NY 11203
PH: 857-334-5228