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How to Wear Designer Print Shirts

By :Rony Saintval 0 comments
How to Wear Designer Print Shirts

A lot of print dress shirts are considered to be the hottest items of the Summer. It is a hot item because it suits the era in which we are living. The pandemic has been very much gloomed and doomed, but cities are now reopening for the first time since COVID struck, and now people are trying to go out as well as having fun again.

For this reason, a print dress shirt is a perfect gear to wear because it looks fun, joyful, and fashionable at the same time. In my humble opinion as a designer who follows fashion closely, print dress shirts are so in style right now; even if someone splashed a bunch of colorful paint on it, I can guarantee you a fashion-crazed person will still wear it. However, here are my suggestions on how to properly wear print dress shirts for the little while it’s in season and trendy.

Based on some analysis and focus groups that we have conducted, people love print dress shirts because they are normally comfortable, and breathable; hence designers created them with light fabrics in order for a breeze or air can always flow through it.

With all these perks above, who wouldn’t want to wear something so fashionable and comfortable..? Go figure!

On behalf of Majesty 22 and First Empress, I will cover how to wear print dress shirts, what not to wear with that sort of shirt, and where you can wear them.

The best way to wear a print dress shirt is with plain pants. Moreover, it's always better to wear patterns, plaid, or prints gears above the waist for guys as most guys should attract attention around the torso area.

If you wear pants that have prints or designs on them, they might clash with the shirt. A print dress shirt can better contrast against plain fabric colors
Have you ever heard in the fashion realms that “less is more”? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is where the rule may apply.

My suggestion to you is to use it because it will be easy for the eyes to follow your fashion ensemble. The best advice I can give someone who is watching or reading this blog about wearing a patterned shirt is to wear it with slacks, something more like dress pants, perhaps one can get away with wearing it with jeans; however, it’s an upscale classy item that warrants to be worn with slacks.

The best way to wear print dress shirts is to let the shirt hang, do not tuck it in, except if it’s being worn with a blazer. In case someone was wondering, yes.. print dress shirts can be worn with blazers, it gives the look of an Italian boss’ flare, the only thing missing is the cigar and a pair of shades to resemble Don Corleone from the movie "Godfather" if one can picture it.

Accessories such as shades can be worn while wearing a designer print shirt with a classic watch that has a metal bezel and bracelet
Try not to wear a designer print shirt with pants that have patterns or prints even if it comes in a set. The phrase is worth repeating here " Less is more"

**Avoid divers watch with this sort of shirt.
**Avoid wearing print dress shirts with sneakers.

Avoid Baseball caps; however, a few hats can be worn with the print shirt if they doesn’t have a lot of straws woven patterns. A solution to that can be a plain suede hat with a ribbon, there goes the look of an Italian boss again.

Most people would see a print dress shirt, and wish to buy it, but they always ask ”where would I wear a print dress shirt.

On the other hand, someone would have somewhere to be in two hours, and wouldn't know what to wear. Well, you can always grab a print dress shirt. You can’t go wrong.

You can always wear a print dress shirt to date, trust me, I have received major compliments when I do. Last but not least, you can wear it at a wedding reception at a beach wedding in the summertime.

Imagine taking a long walk with either your boys, or girls on the beach shore at night. There is no better feeling when the wind is going through that shirt as it waves on the body just like the water waves in the ocean.

In closing, please go try a designer print shirt this Summer. It will earn you some major points from a girl if you going on a date, your friends might take your picture, and post it on social media where you can become a fashion icon amongst the thousands of people you know. Trust and believe me, you will receive a lot of likes and compliments. if you a social media naysayer, you can also chose to wear a print dress shirt for yourself respect or wardrobe improvement. 

As a disclosure: The advice above is only a blueprint, not a definitive way to wear dress print shirts. Anyone can improvise or use their own discretion to strategize. Here below are two videos to show a suggestion by illustration. 





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